When such right to causing any harm other than death is defined under section 104 of ipc. Provisions under IPC section 104 explained here:

What is Section 104 IPC:

If the offence, the committing of which, or the attempting to commit which occasions the exercise of the right of private defence, be theft, mischief, or criminal trespass, not of any of the descriptions enumerated in the last preceding section, that right does not extend to the voluntary causing of death, but does extend, subject to the restrictions mentioned in section 99, to the voluntary causing to the wrong-doer of any harm other than death.


Right of private defence short of deathSection 104 will apply if the wrong doers commit or attempt to commit any of the following offences; 1. theft, 2. mischief or trespass not of the description which is covered under section 103, subject of course to restriction mentioned in sec 99; and in such a case the right of private defence of property would extend only to causing harm other than death to him;Case: Jai Bhagwan vs. State of Haryana, AIR 1999 SC 1083

Section 104 IPC Explanation:

This section means the offence or attempt to commit the offence or the commiting of the said offence which raise the right to private defence be it theft mischief or criminal trespass it does not extend the right to cause death of assailent but that does extend to cause harm as per mentioned in section 99.


 In a case where a person B had stolen the goat from the cattle shed of the person C who chased him to recover his property and in the process of recovering it, assaulted B without knowing that the B had been hit on the vital parts. It was held that C had exceeded the private defence and was held responsible for culpable homicide.

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