Punishment of abetment if person abetted does act with different intention from that of abettor is made for its punishment is defined under section 110 of ipc. Provisions under IPC section 110 explained here:

What is Section 110 IPC:

Whoever abets the commission of an offence shall, if the person abetted does the act with a different intention or knowledge from that of the abettor, be punished with the punishment provided for the offence which would have been committed if the act had been done with the intention or knowledge of the abettor and with no other.


Punishment- Same as for offence abetted–According as offence abetted is cognizable or non cognizable – According as offence abetted is bailable or non bailable — Triable by court by which offence abetted is triable–Non-compoundable.

Section 110 IPC Explanation:

If a person abets in the commission of an offence without the intention or knowledge of doing so then the person will be punished assuming as if the offence was committed with an intention and knowledge of committing the act of abetment. The person will be punished assuming as if he/she had the intention and knowledge both to commit the act.

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