Concealing design to commit offence punishable with imprisonment is defined under section 120 of ipc. Provisions under IPC section 120 explained here:

What is Section 120 IPC:

Whoever, intending to facilitate or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby facilitate the commission of an offence punishable with imprisonment, voluntarily conceals, by any act or illegal omission, the existence of a design to commit such offence, or makes any representation which he knows to be false respecting such design, if offence be committed-if offence be not committed.If offence be committed – if offence be not committed – shall, if the offence be committed, be punished with imprisonment of the description provided for the offence, for a term which may extend to one-fourth, and, if the offence be not committed, to one-eight, of the longest term of such imprisonment, or with such fine as is provided for the offence, or with both.

Section 120 IPC Explanation:

  • Whoever with an intention to cause or knowing that it will likely cause the commission of an offence that is punishable with imprisonment
  • Voluntarily conceals the plan for executing the act by doing an act or failing to act
  • Makes false representation knowing it to be false for success of the plan to commit the offence that may or may not occur.

If offence be committed-if offence be not committed :  If the offence is committed then the offender will be punished with the term of  imprisonment described for the offence itself  or for the term of imprisonment that might extend up to one- fourth of the imprisonment that can be provided as punishment for the offence.

If the offence is not committed then then the imprisonment will be awarded up to one – eighth of the longest term of the imprisonment that can be awarded for the offence or with fine or with both imprisonment and fine.

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