Whenever any person is convicted of an offence for which under this Code the Court has power to sentence him to rigorous imprisonment, the Court may, by its sentence, order that the offender shall be kept in solitary confinement for any portion or portions of the imprisonment to which he is sentenced, not exceeding three months in the whole, according to the following scale, that is to say –

  1. a time not exceeding one month if the term of imprisonment shall not exceed six months;
  2. a time not exceeding two months if the term of imprisonment shall exceed six months and shall not exceed one year;
  3. a time not exceeding three months if the term of imprisonment shall exceed one year.

What is the Meaning of Solitary confinement ?

Solitary confinement is a form of imprisonment distinguished by living in single cells with little or no meaningful contact to other inmates, strict measures to control contraband, and the use of additional security measures and equipment. Under Section 73 of the I.P.C. the court punishing an offender may order the offender to be kept in solitary imprisonment for any portion of imprisonment to which he is sentences. This period has been fixed so as not to exceed 3 months in all, 

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