Communication made in good faith is defined under section 93 of ipc. Provisions under IPC section 93 explained here:

What is Section 93 IPC:

No communication made in good faith is an offence by reason of any harm to the person to whom it is made, if it is made for the benefit of that person.


  1. A, a surgeon, in good faith, communicates to a patient his opinion that he cannot live. The patient dies in consequence of the shock. A has committed no offence, though he knew it to be likely that the communication might cause the patient’s death.

Section 93 IPC Explanation:

This section means if a communication which is made in good faith causes harm to the one to whom it’s made it will not be an offence. For eg A is a doctor who told patient B that he’s suffering from cancer 3rd stage, after hearing this B comitted suicude, A as a doctor told B in good faith about his condition, it’s not his fault that he came into shock and comitted suicide.

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