A variety of peoples use such kinds of personal photographs or videos to either blackmail or take revenge by making them public.

Individuals might save these photos someplace out of your attain and look forward to the fitting time to make use of them against you.

They’ll additionally ahead these images to their close buddy, after which the close buddy can additional ahead these photos to their close mates. As of now, your photos or video clips are being leaked to associates of associates. One other chance is that the one that unintentionally comes in possession of such images start to blackmail you, and it’s extraordinarily widespread.

The potential outcomes of these shared photographs:

  1. They may get leaked worldwide.
  2. They may get used in pornographic movies.
  3. They could destroy one’s status and social life.

What to do when somebody Blackmails you?

  • Neutralize the menace: Neutralize the threats that the particular person is making. Say, if they’re threatening to inform your mother and father about one thing you probably did, you may go to your mother and father first and be direct and sincere about what occurred.
  • Flip to Your Help System: A help system shall show to be helpful for you keep agency and really feel supported throughout a tough time. A friend, mother and father or a counsellor may have the ability to calm you down. But you might be share with them the issue which you might be going through.
  • You’ll be able to call the police on their number ‘100’ and allow them to know what is going on: They shall take your identify and handle and immediately send police from the native police station to meet you. You may then inform every detail to them. The police will then write your statement and catch the particular person behind this. They shall most likely take away their telephones and computer systems, lock them up and interrogate them until the police discover out the place the remainder of the clips are in order that nothing will be leaked.
  • Get a Lawyer: It is suggested that you simply take assist of a reliable lawyer in such a case.

Authorized Provisions out there: 


This legislation punishes the capturing or publishing the picture of a personal space of any individual with out consent. Example: ‘X’ is attempting out a brand new dress within the changing room of a clothes store. ‘Y’, an worker of the shop has hidden a digital camera that records X while she is changing her clothes. ‘Y’ will probably be liable under this section for imprisonment which can extend to three years.


Under this Section, anybody who makes use of digital means to publish any image, video or audio or something which is able to defaming an individual morally will probably be considered as a criminal offense and the particular person doing such an act might be penalised with imprisonment which can extend to five years and with fine additionally.

  • Section 292 IPC (Indian Penal Code) – 

Sale, etc., of obscene books. Whoever, sale, distribute or does anything to spread pornographic books is charged under this section. The penalizing is 2 years, and fine which can extend to 2 thousand rupees.

  • Section 501 in The Indian Penal Code – 

Printing matter is thought to be defamatory. Whoever prints or engraves any matter, realizing or having good motive to consider that such matter is defamatory of any individual, may be punished with easy imprisonment for a time period which could extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.

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