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SECTION 49 IPC – “Year”, “Month”

Wherever the word “year” or the word “month” is used, it is to be understood that the year or the month is to be...

SECTION 48 IPC – “Vessel”

The word “vessel” denotes anything made for the conveyance by water of human beings or of property. Read Complete Indian Penal Code (IPC) in a...

SECTION 46 IPC – “Death”

The word “death” denotes the death of a human being unless the contrary appears from the context Read Complete Indian Penal Code (IPC) in a...

SECTION 44 IPC – “Injury”

The word “injury” denotes any harm whatever illegally caused to any person, in body, mind, reputation or property. Read Complete Indian Penal Code (IPC) in...

SECTION 43 IPC – “Illegal”, “Legally bound to do”

The word “illegal” is applicable to everything which is an offence or which is prohibited by law, or which furnishes ground for a civil...

SECTION 42 IPC – “Local law”

A “local law” is a law applicable only to a particular part of India. Read Complete Indian Penal Code (IPC) in a Proper way Free Download IPC...

SECTION 39 IPC – “Voluntarily”

A person is said to cause an effect “voluntarily” when he causes it by means whereby he intended to cause it, or by means...

SECTION 38 IPC – Persons concerned in criminal Act may be guilty of different offences

Where several persons are engaged or concerned in the commission of a criminal act, they may be guilty of different offences by means of...

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EXAMINATION OF WITNESS- Cross-Examination Detailed Explanation

INTODUCTION: Examination of witnesses is one of the principle feature of criminal trial. Witness statements are one of the most...


Information as a term has been derived from the Latin words 'Formation' and 'Forma' which means giving shape to...


According to Section 53 of the Indian Penal Code, the PUNISHMENT UNDER IPC which can be given to the...

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